The fear of Knowledge

Book: Towards a psychology of being by Abraham Maslow Art: Het moeras by Anton Mauve Reading time: 3 mins The American psychologist Abraham Maslow suggested that there exists, in many of us, a general feeling of dread towards being curious and acquiring knowledge. Maslow stated that to avoid anxiety, many people refuse to learn about […]


The psychology of self-actualized people

Book: Toward a psychology of being by Abraham Maslow Art: An Adirondack Lake by Winslow Homer Reading time: 10 mins A theory of mental health In Toward a psychology of being, the psychologist Abraham Maslow puts forward a theory of psychological health that is predicated on the fulfilment of human needs. Maslow believed that fellow psychologists tended […]

The sacred need for Silence

Book: The Perennial Philosophy by Aldous Huxley Art: Sunset on the Hudson by Charles H Chapin Reading time: 5 mins In the Christian religion, speaking in a way that is unrestrained and indiscriminate is considered morally evil. According to the bible, for “every idle word that men shall speak, they shall give account thereof in […]

The essence of Agnosticism

Book: Agnosticism by Robin Le Poidevin Art: A Storm in the Rocky Mountains, Mt. Rosalie by Albert Bierstadt Reading time: 8 mins A misconception In the myth of Adam and Eve, one of the first privileges granted to Adam is that of naming all the animals in the Garden of Eden. With the ability to […]

The quiet power of introverts

Book: Quiet by Susan Cain Art: Far, far away Soria Moria Palace shimmered like Gold by Theodor Kittelsen Reading time: 7 mins A life of the mind Our personality greatly shapes who we are as individuals and influences nearly every aspect of our life. Our place on the introversion-extroversion spectrum, in particular, seems to have […]

The obligation to think with effort

Book: Thinking, Fast and Slow by Daniel Kahneman Art: Le Triglav by Markus Pernhart Reading time: 7 mins The flawed mind When we think about human nature, the idea that we are rational beings is one that is generally accepted. Every day we are bombarded with a sea of situations which we must face by […]

The Stoic attitude to Anger

Book: A Guide to the Good life by William Irvine Art: Ixion précipité dans les Enfers by Jules-Élie Delaunay Reading time: 3 mins As discussed in a previous post, the philosophy of Stoicism focuses on minimising the amount of negative emotions in the mind. One of these undesired emotions is anger, which followers of Stoicism, […]

The Stoic techniques for tranquility

Book: A Guide to the Good life by William Irvine Art: The Lookout by Henry Scott Tuke Reading time: 5 mins Stoicism is a school of philosophy that was founded in ancient Greece in the 3rd century BC. Members of Stoicism, also known as Stoics, teach that by using one’s rational mind to understand our […]

The value of solitude

Book: Solitude by Anthony Storr Art: Alexander Pushkin at the seashore by Leonid Pasternak Reading time: 5 mins The relationship myth In 385 BC, the Greek philosopher Plato wrote The Symposium, a novel which depicted a series of fictional speeches. One of the speeches is given by the playwright Aristophanes who recalls the ancient myth […]

The meaning in difficult moments

Book: Man’s Search for Meaning by Viktor Frankl Art: Marooned by Howard Pyle Reading time: 5 mins The will to meaning Victor Frankl was a Jewish psychiatrist and the founder of a type of therapy called logotherapy. In 1945, Frankl was arrested by Nazi officials and became a prisoner in the concentration camps of the […]