The true worth of adversity

Book: Dialogues and Essays by Seneca Art: Group of Mountain Climbers Beside the Pasterze Glacier by Munsch Leopold Reading time: 4 mins When his friend Lucilius asked why good people suffer from misfortune, the Roman philosopher Seneca answered that nothing bad can happen to a good person. Seneca tells Lucilius that a good person is […]

The Stoic attitude to Anger

Book: A Guide to the Good life by William Irvine Art: Ixion précipité dans les Enfers by Jules-Élie Delaunay Reading time: 3 mins As discussed in a previous post, the philosophy of Stoicism focuses on minimising the amount of negative emotions in the mind. One of these undesired emotions is anger, which followers of Stoicism, […]

The Stoic techniques for tranquility

Book: A Guide to the Good life by William Irvine Art: The Lookout by Henry Scott Tuke Reading time: 5 mins Stoicism is a school of philosophy that was founded in ancient Greece in the 3rd century BC. Members of Stoicism, also known as Stoics, teach that by using one’s rational mind to understand our […]